Feb 1 2012

NZB Completion Checker 1.0 beta released!

The day has finally come! NZB Completion Checker version 1.0 beta has just been released – yes 🙂

It’s been almost an entire year since the last beta release, so a lot of new features have seen the light.
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Jan 29 2012

NZB Completion Checker Update #5

Time for another update! Yes… I know! It’s only been a few hours since the last one, so why the quick update? Well… why not 🙂 Since I have the time, I might as well fix all the bugs I can! This update brings a small change to the Breakdown form which, I’m sorry to say, was kinda broken in the last release 🙁
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Jan 10 2012

NZB Completion Checker 0.9a update #1

Okay, the first update is up! Thanks to NewsGroupReviews for the bug report! This update will affect all current NZBcc 0.9a users, as it changes the location of the servers.lst file. The file will now be stored in your AppData folder. You can just move your current servers.lst file into the AppData folder, in a new folder called “NZBcc”.
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Jan 7 2012

NZB Completion Checker 0.9 alpha released!

Oh boy, just had myself a busy few hours of coding and testing … just to please you guys 🙂 It was fun, and i’m not all done yet! Have a few more ideas I want to implement before NZB Completion Checker goes beta – and then hopefully 1.0 final!

The biggest news this time is multiple server support! It took a bit of time to get it working, since a whole lot of code had to be rewritten and retested. I’ve done a quick test of it all, but I’ll leave most of the checking up to you!

Well.. lets get on with the details!
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Jan 6 2012

Error reporting

Finally I found the time to implement a simple and secure way of reporting bugs in NZB Completion Checker. It’s very simple really. I set up a simple form on a secure site (SSL – 256 bit AES) where you can report bugs, feature requests, signup for pre-alpha releases and more. Nothing gets logged besides the data you enter into the form. There is only one mandatory field, description! You can leave the rest blank if you like – it’s really up to you! But the more info you provide, the better I can help you – and you can assist me making NZB Completion Checker a better product 🙂
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Nov 4 2011

NZBcc version 0.8.2a released!

Yes, it’s true! A new version of NZB Completion Checker has been released 🙂 Howver, this is just an alpha release, so there might be bugs – and most likely are!

This new version brings some new features, which should please most people!
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Apr 12 2011

NZB Completion Checker Icon

I was wondering, I anyone was up to the task of designing an icon for NZB Completion Checker? The current one pretty much sucks … a lot 🙂

I need the icon in .ico and .png formats! The only thing I can give you, is some credits in NZBcc’s about box – and a link to your page! If your interested, please drop me a line in the comments!

Apr 10 2011

NZB Completion Checker Update

I finally had some time to update NZB Completion Checker (NZBcc). This new update includes some bug fixes and som new features. The bugfixes were all low-priority fixes, but they still needed fixing.

And then a new major feature was added, a first for all the NZB checkers/validators out there.
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Jan 25 2011

NZB Completion Checker

Did you ever spend a few hours downloading a file from usenet using an NZB file, just to find out, it was far from complete? Tired of spending your time and bandwidth?

However, the solution to that problem is simple! Read on for more…
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