Apr 12 2011

NZB Completion Checker Icon

I was wondering, I anyone was up to the task of designing an icon for NZB Completion Checker? The current one pretty much sucks … a lot 🙂

I need the icon in .ico and .png formats! The only thing I can give you, is some credits in NZBcc’s about box – and a link to your page! If your interested, please drop me a line in the comments!

Apr 10 2011

NZB Completion Checker Update

I finally had some time to update NZB Completion Checker (NZBcc). This new update includes some bug fixes and som new features. The bugfixes were all low-priority fixes, but they still needed fixing.

And then a new major feature was added, a first for all the NZB checkers/validators out there.
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Apr 8 2011

Dynamically load combobox using jQuery

Giganews Newsgroups
Webpages easily contain a lot of duplicate content. This however, can hurt your Google pagerank. Duplicate content can also slow down your pages.
Currently I’m building a new site with some friends. This site has a sign-up form with all the usual fields like name, email, country and so on. Now, to make sure the new user enters a correct country, they are presented with a complete list of countries in the world. This list was, until a few days ago, loaded into all the pages on the site = bad for performance!

This is how I solved it: Continue reading