NZB Completion Checker Icon

I was wondering, I anyone was up to the task of designing an icon for NZB Completion Checker? The current one pretty much sucks … a lot 🙂

I need the icon in .ico and .png formats! The only thing I can give you, is some credits in NZBcc’s about box – and a link to your page! If your interested, please drop me a line in the comments!

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  • Davy Jones Says:

    The whole point of an NZB checker is to check nzbs against different servers.. so any chance of having support against multiple servers ? and saving server details ?

  • Zoon Says:

    I guess it could be done, maybe in the next-next version of NZBcc. The next release, slated for sometime in July, includes batch processing of nzb files as well as SSL support. When that release is stable, I will look into checking against multiple servers 🙂 Are you by any chance willing to test the software?

  • Davy Jones Says:

    Yup I sure am 😀

    I have access to multiple servers at the moment. I was using another program “NZB Download Checker” and I was checking an NZB the other day.

    Newshosting for example didnt have any of the files, switched to Astraweb which did but was slow.. then I switched to Usenetnow when I encountered a bug that it simple would take a long time to check the files x10 times longer. Thats why Im now testing NZBcc.

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