Nov 15 2011

Bitcoin update

First off, thanks to all the people who donated some CPU time. Secondly, I’m sad to report that it did not pay off 🙁 To create a single bitcoin, it would take almost 40K visitors, who stayed on the site for more than 2½ hours. With the current rate of people donating CPU time, it would take close to 7 years to complete a single coin. With the value of bitcoins dropping like crazy, that bitcoin would probably be worth less than $1 at that time. So I’m removing the feature from the homepage. No need to waste any more CPU cycles!

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Nov 4 2011

NZBcc version 0.8.2a released!

Yes, it’s true! A new version of NZB Completion Checker has been released 🙂 Howver, this is just an alpha release, so there might be bugs – and most likely are!

This new version brings some new features, which should please most people!
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