Aug 31 2012

Time for some statistics

When you are using NZB Completion Checker, you have the opportunity to join the community effort (as mentioned in a previous post), were you make your completion results available for others users (anonymously). With 10.000 entries in the database as of now, I have the chance to display some statistics for you.

Just keep in mind, that the statistics are not totally fair, as each file has NOT been tested against every server in the list. There are over 100 different servernames logged in the database. Some are for SSL hosts, while others might be to the same host – just without the SSL part.

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Aug 29 2012

NZB Completion Checker v1.2.1.0 released

Hi guys!

A new version of NZB Completion Checker is now ready for download. This released fixes a bug, and adds something new.

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Jun 1 2012

NZB Completion Checker FINAL

Hi again!

NZB Completion Checker has gone FINAL – no more betas or alphas! Just to make sure nobody is confused, I bumped the version number to 1.2. Get it in the downloads section to the right!

And one more thing…
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Mar 26 2012

Upcoming changes – alpha release

I been reading around the net, that some of you are having problems with the latest alpha release, specifically with the breakdown form (the results!). During the development of the alpha, I had to change the application from using the .NET 4.0 Client profile to the full framework. Unfortunately I forgot to make the switch in the installer – thats why it is not working for most of your. The ones that got it to work, most likely already had the full framework installed.

The next release will feature:
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Mar 17 2012

NZB Completion Checker alpha update #2

Another small update was just released. This update fixes/changes two things:

  • It should now be possible to connect to servers without a username/password
  • Online checker was extended from 5 days to 15 days

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Mar 4 2012

NZB Completion Checker alpha update #1

Fixed the following bugs/features:

  • Now allows drag and drop to the files tab
  • Server passwords are now masked on the settings page
  • Added extended checks to servers load/save operations

The download link has been updated! Please update 🙂

Remember to support NZB Completion Checker – Sign up to Astraweb via this banner 🙂

Mar 4 2012

NZB Completion Checker now with online -community- check!

The new alpha release is ready for download! I dropped the closed alpha test in favor of an open test.

This alpha release brings a completely new feature: Online check
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Feb 22 2012

NZB Completion Checker released

Another day – another release!

This release only brings minor bug-fixes – namely to the issue some were having after they entered their settings the first time and didn’t select the server as primary. This is now fixed. This bug will only occur once… unless you delete all you servers, and start over!
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Feb 13 2012

NZB Completion Checker beta released!

As promised a new version of NZB Completion Checker is available for download. This update contains a “critical” fix! There was a tiny NZB parsing error, that prevented some NZB files from being parsed correctly! I can only urge you to update to the latest version!

I discovered the error yesterday by a coincidence! I know some of you have had contact with the bug, as I have had several Google searches pointing to this site, with keywords like “nzbcc does not start” – and that is correct! If you tried to check one of those NZB files, you wouldn’t see any progress, but the program would be running – the indicator at the bottom animating!

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Feb 6 2012

NZB Completion Checker minor update

A small “bug” was fixed, that prevented proper logon to some usenet servers. The latest download link has been updated with a new file. Please redownload if you had problems connecting.