Mar 4 2016

Glyph 3D

I started working with Unity 3D game engine a while ago. This has been great fun, but now I have created something for the Unity Asset Store! I really urge you to check out my new website for Unity stuff at

Or you can jump directly to my asset on the store via this link πŸ™‚

Sep 2 2014

Digitalocean – deploy a server in less than 55 seconds!

I have a server(VPS) hosted at Digital Ocean, and I’m very happy with it’s performance! They are using SSD’s so MySQL is VERY snappy!

So to celebrate that everything just RUNS at Digital Ocean, you now have the chance to try it out! Follow the link to get a start bonus of $10. That’s enough to run a small server for two months… or whatever you fancy πŸ™‚

Jul 30 2014

Netflix Global Search – Android App.

Hi all!

Our Android app. Netflix Global Search, is still alive and kicking! You can find it on our other site which also includes a link to the Play store. Please check it out and spread the word – and the link πŸ™‚

Right now we are have a sale on Google Play, where you can save 25% for the next couple of days!

We also just updated the screenshots to be up to-date!

Jan 6 2014

Source code for sale – better deal than before!

Buy the source code to NZB Completion Checker – and use it for whatever you want πŸ™‚ – claim it to be yours πŸ™‚

You can pay $100 (US) via Paypal – or purchase me one of these with the HD camera. or (in red with silver lines!) My son lost his and I want to get him a new one!

So what DO you get?
You get all the C# code, PHP code and all the graphics associated with the project!

Open-source? If you feel like it – if you buy it, you can do whatever you want with it πŸ™‚

Any takers?

Aug 14 2013


In other news – support and development for NZB Completion Checker has been cancelled – terminated – discontinued! First off, thanks to the 3 people who chose to support me πŸ™‚ … and secondly, thats the reason for dropping the product – lack of support! Plenty of people are downloading it though, but nothing ever comes of it! However, the download will remain active until next year – so grab it while you can!

Aug 14 2013

Unblock Netflix

Our new site for Unblock Netflix Android app. just came online! Go to for a closer look πŸ™‚ Everything related to Unblock Netflix will now be found there!

Jan 15 2013

Bug reporting

Hi guys!

Just set up a new subdomain for bug-reporting! Go here: Login as bug/bug.

From here, you can track bugs as you report them!

Jan 10 2013

Unblock Netflix – Android App

Finally got around to finishing my β€œsecond” android app! I would like to present Unblock Netflix – a simple and very easy to use app for Unblock-US works like a VPN tunnel – just a whole lot faster!

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Dec 23 2012

Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous by Frontier Developments β€” Kickstarter please support this great game!!


If you don’t feel like donating to the game – then donate to me, and I’ll change my donation – adding in your donation! πŸ™‚

Dec 2 2012

File linking

Going through the server logs, I find a lot of pages trying to link to my file download. Well, that’s just a bad idea! The link changes often, and I always remove the old files. So if you press a bad link, you get a file size of zer0! ALWAYS go to this site, and get the download from here. This will also allow you to get the latest information about NZB Completion Checker.

I also urge you NOT to download the NZBcc from another site! There is no telling WHAT they could have done with the file. They could have decompiled it and added some monitoring code – or something else! Just be careful! NO other sites have been given the permission to host NZB Completion Checker as a download – and there never will be given such permission! Always get the file from here πŸ™‚ – no really!