Source code for sale – better deal than before!

Buy the source code to NZB Completion Checker – and use it for whatever you want 🙂 – claim it to be yours 🙂

You can pay $100 (US) via Paypal – or purchase me one of these with the HD camera. or (in red with silver lines!) My son lost his and I want to get him a new one!

So what DO you get?
You get all the C# code, PHP code and all the graphics associated with the project!

Open-source? If you feel like it – if you buy it, you can do whatever you want with it 🙂

Any takers?

6 Responses to “Source code for sale – better deal than before!”

  • Josh Says:

    Interesting. How can I pay the 50 USD? From NZ here. Paypal suspend my account. -.-

  • Zoon Says:

    I would suggest opening a new Paypal account, pointing it towards a new bank account – or I could send you a money-request from Paypal. Then you don’t have to login – just use your credit card!

  • Locobastos Says:

    Exclusive deal: $300 – you and ONLY you will get the source code, and you can use it for whatever you want

    I guess if i buy it, i can transform it into open-source project ?

  • Zoon Says:

    You can do whatever you like with it – it will be 100% yours 🙂

  • oneman Says:

    Awesome product, saved me quite a few downloads.

    I was thinking about integrating its functionality into my NN+ instance so say 2 weeks after a post has been indexed then the NZB can be checked. Question, is there command line API or some method that I could call it from a script and get a completeness figure back ?

  • Zoon Says:

    Hi there!
    No, I’m sorry – that functionality is not support – though it could be easily made! However, all development on this product has been discontinued!

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