NZB Completion Checker released!

With the help of Dan (thanks mate!), I tracked down a small SSL error that prevented connections to certain usenet servers. For those of you who had problems connecting previously, please redownload the latest release!.

To make sure you got the right release, the version number (in the About form) should be: 1.0.4418.21964 – this is the latest and greatest version of NZB Completion Checker currently available 🙂 enjoy!

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  • Dan Says:

    (hit post too fast) You the man! Your fix, fixed it! Thanks for all your efforts!!!

  • Piet Hoogland Says:

    a few Remarks/suggestions

    I couldn’t find te download because I didn’t see te skip ad on the next page.

    Maybe there should be a manual on what to fill in if using the program.

    I filled in everything and checked the account it good but the program isn’t worden on different NZB’s.

    I hope you manage to “solve” this and say thanks for your efforts

  • Zoon Says:

    Hi Piet!

    Sorry you had trouble finding the link, but it seems you found it, since you got the software downloaded 🙂

    It should be straight forward how you use the program. But here is a small introduction:

    When the program has started, press the “Accept” button. Now you will see the main form. Press the “Settings” button.

    Now click the “Add new server” button, and fill in the details on the right.
    Username = the username for your usenet account at your usenet provider. If you don’t have a usenet provider, click the “Giganews” banner in the About window.
    Password = password for your usenet account
    EnableSSL = set to “true” IF you usenet account allows it!
    Hostname = the server to connect to, eg. “”
    Portnumber = the default port number is 119, but it could be any valid port number. Check you usetnet account at your provider, to see which port numbers they allow connection to. There might be more than one!
    Servername = Human readable name for the server, eg. “Giganews no. 1”, or perhaps just “usenet”
    MaxConnections = Usenet accounts usually allows more than one connection at the time. Specify the number of connections you would allow NZBcc to use. 10 is a good number!

    Now click the “Set as primary server” button. Click the “Validate server settings” button, to make sure, you got your information right 🙂

    And btw, all the buttons have tooltips, so just leave your mouse hovering over a button for a few seconds, and their tooltip should be visible!

    A last, click the “Close” button to save your settings.

    Now add a single NZB file, and click the “Start” button. Go to the tree panel, and unfold the nodes of the tree to see the real time progress of the check!

    That’s it! 🙂 I hope thats help enough. If not, just reply to this message 🙂

  • Piet Hoogland Says:

    Hello Zoon,

    the skip ad remark was mainly to help others.

    I entered all the server properties and checked them with validate server they are ok.

    Now I’ve tried multibple nzb’s but the progress stays at 0%. So the program isn’t working for my right now i have a dutch newsgroup provider hitnews.

    I just wish to inform you about the problems. Because I think you need to now if there are and that I would be great to have a fast and working program off course.

  • Zoon Says:

    Hi Piet!

    Could you please send me the servername and portnumber you are using? There might be a connection problem!

    Have you checked the “Log” tab page of the program? is there anything there?

  • Zoon Says:

    Just found the information to hitnews 🙂 Their servers are working just fine with NZBcc. However, when I look at your earlier bugreport, it struck me, that you might have an incorrect setup.
    So just to be 100% clear:
    Settings Form
    Hostname : or
    Servername: Anyname you like, eg. Hitnews

    If you by accident switch these two around, it’s not going to work!

    Did that help?

    Just a small note: Please update to if you have not done so already! It fixes an NZB parsing problem!!

    If it still fails, please try and upload the first 10-20 lines of the NZB to the bug report form. (use the “bug” icon on the About form in the program to get there)

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