NZB Completion Checker Alpha Update #5

No, Iā€™m not dead ā€¦ yet šŸ™‚

Just to prove it, I have uploaded a small update to NZB Completion Checker. It fixes a few minor bugs, nothing big!

Here goes:

  1. Online checker has been extended to 30 days of backlog
  2. You can now opt-out of the community effort to track NZB completeness
  3. Log-tab will now display a small icon, if there is something in the log
  4. Double-clicking an NZB file will now start NZBcc, and begin the check immediately

Iā€™m currently looking for new features for version 2.0. If you have any, please let me know šŸ™‚

And as usual, the download link has been uploaded, so just click it to get the latest and greatest!

2 Responses to “NZB Completion Checker Alpha Update #5”

  • Moonmoth Says:

    I cannot download your software.

    WHATEVER I do “adfly” will only let me download “iLividSetupV1.exe” which my VC kicks out as trashware.

    NB: If, as you imply, there is another DL button at the top right corner of the “adfly” DL screen it is NOT accessible because “adfly” displayes the download screen in a (L/R) scrollable window but will NOT allow me to scroll over to the far right (implying that this is intentional).

    Not complaining – just letting you know.


  • Zoon Says:


    I’m sorry if you are having trouble downloading the software. Usually Adfly behaves as it should! I can email you a direct download link if you like?

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