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I would like to share some interesting information with you. I’m currently using a trial membership with I was getting fed up with Giganews so I decided to try something new.

I looked around a bit, and found They provide a pretty good deal compared to Giganews. You get more connections, free SSL, 1322 days of retention (as of today!) and a much better price! I thought I would give their Lite subscription a go: $10 a month, 50 GB download (with rollover!), and SSL encryption! Sounds like an awfully great deal to me 🙂

Anyways, I signed up and got the account information. I booted up NZB Completion Checker to perform a quick benchmark. I always wondered if NZBcc sometimes was a bit slow at checking NZB files with Giganews… and boy was I right!

Using the same amount of connections (20) and using SSL, Newshosting was two minutes quicker at testing an NZB file! Just to check up on my results, I ran the same test 6 hours later, to see if the speed would still hold up – and it did 🙂

Regarding download speeds, the are exactly the same!!

I can only recommend Press the banner, and give their 14 days/30 GB trial a go!

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