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Finally got around to finishing my “second” android app! I would like to present Unblock Netflix – a simple and very easy to use app for Unblock-US.com. Unblock-US works like a VPN tunnel – just a whole lot faster!

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Among other things, you can use Unblock-US to look like you live in another country! This comes quite handy if you would like to check out, what Netflix has to offer in other countries! If for instance you live in Norway (where they just got Netflix last year), you might find their local offering a bit limited! In that case, you can sign up for Unblock-US and watch the American version of Netflix – or any other country for that matter!

Using Unblock Netflix, you don’t have to open up a browser to change country! Just grab your Android phone, start Unblock Netflix and change your region 🙂

Two small screenshots of the app. below 🙂

Unblock Netflix Unblock Netflix

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