NZB Completion Checker Update #5

Time for another update! Yes… I know! It’s only been a few hours since the last one, so why the quick update? Well… why not 🙂 Since I have the time, I might as well fix all the bugs I can! This update brings a small change to the Breakdown form which, I’m sorry to say, was kinda broken in the last release 🙁

Multiserver stats
If you are using multiple servers, this is the “new” stats screen. Single server indicates the kind of completion you would get, if you tried to download from just your primary server. Multi server shows your completion percent, if you use more than one server. And as mentioned in another blogpost, you can find the list of used servers in the lower right corner of the stats form.

And as always, the download link has been updated with the lasted release. You can also just click here : NZB Completion Checker 0.9a

New build number is: 0.9.4411.1428

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