NZB Completion Checker 0.9a update #3

A new very small update was just uploaded to the site. This fixes new connections issues with some servers – or most servers! I misread the RFC and used UTF8 where I was not supposed to – my bad 🙁

Anyways, the download link has been updated, so pleeease download the file again 🙂

The new build number is: 0.9.4401.40344

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  • gurp Says:

    Found a small glitch that nearly made me give up on this neat little program. I added a server but didn’t define it as the ‘primary server’. The program then (upon hitting the start button) tried to connect to my local IP. Log says connection refused on or similar.

    Once I hit the ‘primary server’ button everything worked as expected!

    version: 0.9.4401.40344


  • Zoon Says:


    Good catch on the the bug! I’ll fix it when I get off from work 🙂 Thanks for reporting it!

  • gurp Says:

    I am also a bit confused about the breakdown chart. It seems that some of the numbers get rounded up/down with confusing results. e.g.

    OK 132
    missing 1
    % 99

    Complete 3
    Incomplete 0
    % 100

    OK 51559216
    missing 398592
    % 99

    NZB Status 100

    This is with a single server

    The same file in a multi-server setup

    OK 53553
    missing 51904255
    % 0



    NZB Status 66 / 43

    I also noticed a server completion of > 100% (e.g. 102%) in a multi-server setup where the nzb is actually incomplete (although with a larger nzb than the one above)

    Also, I noticed that one can open the most recent report by clicking the report icon in the Files tab. I discovered this merely by accident. Maybe it would help to make the column larger so one can read the column header, or to add a tooltip saying ‘click to open report’, or to replace the icon with a open hyperlink.


  • Zoon Says:

    Hi gurp!

    As I mentioned in a previous blog post, the breakdown form is not completely done yet. I still have a few kinks to sort out regarding multiple servers, so there might be a few errors (some of which you have found – and thank you for that!). But it should be sorted out before 1.0beta.

    And good point about the missing tooltip. It will be added to the next release 🙂

  • dave Says:

    “unexpected server response while authenticating: 500 What?”

    is what I see in the LOG tab, when I click ‘start’ after I selected my nzb file.

    what does this mean?

  • Zoon Says:

    I think I found the problem, please download the file again and try again! If if does not help, please let me know 🙂

  • dave Says:

    confirmed! thank you for identifying the issue. will be able to test utility now…

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