Upcoming changes – alpha release

I been reading around the net, that some of you are having problems with the latest alpha release, specifically with the breakdown form (the results!). During the development of the alpha, I had to change the application from using the .NET 4.0 Client profile to the full framework. Unfortunately I forgot to make the switch in the installer – thats why it is not working for most of your. The ones that got it to work, most likely already had the full framework installed.

The next release will feature:

  • A fixet installer – my bad – sorry 🙂
  • Fixed the results being shown on the results screen. Multiserver/singleserver text was the same, though the bars showed different results (the bars were right!)
  • On odd occations the settings was not saved

I’ve had a few request that I will also be looking into. With a bit of luck, they will make it into the next release 🙂

I expect to release the next version in about a week! Till then 🙂

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