Error reporting

Finally I found the time to implement a simple and secure way of reporting bugs in NZB Completion Checker. It’s very simple really. I set up a simple form on a secure site (SSL – 256 bit AES) where you can report bugs, feature requests, signup for pre-alpha releases and more. Nothing gets logged besides the data you enter into the form. There is only one mandatory field, description! You can leave the rest blank if you like – it’s really up to you! But the more info you provide, the better I can help you – and you can assist me making NZB Completion Checker a better product 🙂

To use the form, go here. The form is run under a different domain, since I can’t afford an SSL certificate – but the domain is under my control!

I hope most of you will take the time to use this new form, and report all the bugs you find in the soon to be released NZB Completion Checker 0.9a (yes – bumped the version number due to a large number of new features and fixes!). You are more than welcome you report bugs you found in 0.8.3a also 🙂

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