NZB Completion Checker released

Another day – another release!

This release only brings minor bug-fixes – namely to the issue some were having after they entered their settings the first time and didn’t select the server as primary. This is now fixed. This bug will only occur once… unless you delete all you servers, and start over!

Remember to support NZB Completion Checker – Sign up to Astraweb via this banner 🙂

A new first-run wizard was also added. This should help new users with less experience in how to setup their first connection. Users who already have configured their servers, should not see the wizard!

There still is an outstanding issue with the breakdown report. Some bytes seem to be miscalculated. This is going to be fixed soon! Now I’m working on the closed alpha release. I still have a few days left before release – so be patient 🙂

The download link has been updated! Enjoy 🙂

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  • Tom Says:

    Is it possible to get a scrollbar in the log window?

  • Zoon Says:

    Sure thing! I’ll add it to the next release!

  • Jason Says:

    Nice software, testing it out right now on a NZB that someone complained of being incomplete and that pars couldn’t fix. My question is though, if this software says a NZB is incomplete, how will we know if the pars are able to fix it or not?

    NZB Completion Checker may report something as being incomplete, but pars could be fine and fix it so it doesn’t matter if the post is incomplete. At what level should I take the risk of downloading something?

    For example, here is a screenshot of the report it just came up with for the NZB I ran it through.

    Based on that report, I’m guessing I should avoid this NZB? Bytes and Segments are 98% and 99% but completed files percentage is only 55%. But overall NZB status says 98.696% complete, I guess I’m confused on what I should look at to determine whether I should take the risk to download something or not.

    BTW I have multiple servers setup in SAB but I only setup 1 server (Astraweb) in the completion checker. I’m betting if I download this NZB my alternate servers in SAB will probably fill in the empty spots.

  • Zoon Says:

    Hi Jason!

    There really is no way to be absolutely sure if the PAR files can repair it or not! The PAR files might be damaged/missing, or there might not be enough PAR files 🙁

    However, I plan on updating the breakdown form with a PAR chart. This chart will try to show you the PAR coverage… if possible! Still working on it though 🙂 But looking at the screen shot, I wouldn’t download the file, since too many files have been damaged!

    But all the stats are there, to help you judge if the file is worth downloading or not!

  • Jason Says:

    Thanks for the reply, BTW I downloaded the file fine, but it had to use my backup servers in order to fill the empty spots. If I had used Astraweb only, it would have failed. Just wish Sabnzbd had a way to set the priority level of backup servers, apparently it won’t happen for quite sometime and that sucks for people like me that have multiple backup servers.

  • Zoon Says:

    Hi again!

    I can’t see why you would want to prioritize your backup servers – unless you have been using all of your download quota 🙂 NZBcc btw, just goes through the list, until it runs out of servers to check or finds the segment. It took me about 5 minutes just to add that part. But SABnzbd is written in Python – and all though I don’t know much about that language, it might just be a bit more difficult to change than C#.

    If I had the time, I would have written an NZB downloader instead of an NZB checker. I’m sure it would have been fun writing it 🙂 … oh well.. maybe next time 🙂

  • Tom Says:

    I also would appreciate priorities for backup servers because one might have several block accounts where one is more expensive than the other one.

    @Jason: If you set up all your servers in NZBCC, then you will know if your backup servers have the empty spots.

    NZBCC will not always save my settings so when I start it it might have old settings, for example an old server that I deleted. Where are the settings stored?
    How does the server traversal work? What if I have three servers and my primary server is the second one in the list? Possibility to re-arrange the servers?

  • Tom Says:

    Is each thread responsible for one file?
    I checked an nzb where all files were done except for one file where one segment was apparently missing. As my secondary server was not responding, the check was hanging on that segment although there were several more segments within that same file that were to be checked.

    I propose that you add all segments to a queue and have the threads go through the queue, in that way one file might be checked by many threads.

    Optimally, you have one queue for each server and you put all the segments into the queue for the primary queue and as segments fail, you add/move them to the queue of one of the other servers in the order that the servers are set up.

  • Zoon Says:

    Good point on the expensive servers! I think I’ll add a priority option on the server properties list.

    The server traversal option is easy to explain. Whenever NZBcc encounters a missing segment, is goes through the list of servers, in the order you see them on config screen – skipping your main server, and it only stops when it finds the segment, or runs out of servers to check!

    It will not be possible to re-arrange the servers, but I will make it possible to prioritize them 🙂

  • Zoon Says:

    Correct! One file per thread. That seemed logical at the time.

    What you propose have already been added to the NZBcc 2.0 road map. I though about it while releasing 0.8 alpha – but I also realized that it was a huge change to the current code base. It would take about 5 days to correct it (I can only work on NZBcc ½-1 hour a day – IF I’m lucky). So I choose to postpone it till later.

    But it will be changed eventually!!

    Thanks for the input though 🙂

  • Zoon Says:

    Sorry… forgot to answer your question regarding where the settings are stored. You can find the server settings here: %appdata% under the folder NZBcc. However, the server settings are encrypted. You can try and delete the file, and create it again.

    But I’ll have a look at the “delete server” code, just to see it I can spot any problems!

  • Tom Says:

    Hi again,
    Thanks for your replies!
    Just wanted to comment about the priority/reordering of servers.
    My comment was mostly a reply to what Jason said about SABnzbd, but as headers sometimes counts against usage, it might be a good option for NZBCC as well.

    Isn’t reorganising the servers in a specific order and prioritizing them the same thing? Instead of inputting a number for priority, one could instead move the servers so that the primary is on top, then second, third etc. It’s really a two ways to accomplish the same thing and I think that it’s easier to move servers up/down than inputting a priority number.

    Found another bug: If the STAT validation method is selected, when clicking Settings, there is a pop-up warning: Only one validation method can be selected!

  • Zoon Says:

    Hi Tom!

    Since my development time is pretty restricted right now, it’s a lot easier to just input the priority, than making drag’n’drop work correctly within a listbox. So I think I’m going to go with that 🙂

    Regarding the bug, I don’t think it is a bug. As it is right now, you have to deselect the HEAD method, before selecting the STAT method. It’s an old leftover from the old settings system, I just haven’t gotten around to fixing yet 🙂 But eventually, it will be fixed.

  • Tom Says:

    The bug is that I only have STAT selected but the warning still comes up.
    To reproduce:
    Go to Settings, unselect HEAD, select STAT.
    Close Settings window and exit application.
    Start NZBCC again, click on Settings – warning appears.

    I know your time is limited, just throwing some ideas at you 🙂
    Doesn’t have to be drag’n’drop, can also be two arrows on top of the list 🙂

  • Zoon Says:

    Thanks for the report! It will be fixed in the next version of NZBcc.

    I appreciate you input, please keep it coming 🙂 And good idea on the two arrows. Sounds like a quick and good approach!

  • Jason Says:

    According to the main admin over at the sabnzbd forums, the 0.7.0 version of sab will have a completion checker. Will be curious to see how they implement it.

  • Zoon Says:

    Good to know! Hope they don’t steal too much 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL….

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