Google+ get it while it’s hot!

A few days ago, Google™ launched their “Google Plus(+)™” social network. Now as you can read all over the internet, it seems pretty good, and most people say it stands a pretty good chance of competing against Facebook™. Now, like so many other people I’m on the Face with my friends, not such much for the “social” aspect of it, but because Facebook allows you to develop applications for their platform.

When developing FB applications, your can have ads on your page… from a few select Facebook approved ad providers. Guess what? Google Adwords™ is NOT among them. It used to be, but then (I guess?) FB started a fight with Google.

But back to Google+ … lets see what this beast can do..

I’m in the unfortunate position, that I do not have access to Google+. Nobody saw fit to send me an invitation 🙁 Pleeeeeeeeease do so 🙂

It seems Google+ has some nice new nifty features. I’ll just quickly list them here:

  • Circles
  • Hangouts
  • Instant Upload
  • Sparks
  • Huddle

Lets just concentrate on two of the items, namely Circles and Hangouts.

Circles makes it easy to divide your friends into groups. You could group your friends from work, your exercise buddies, your family, what ever you fancy 🙂 Then your can share things with just one group or all of them +1!

Hangouts let you hangout with your friends online – with video – not just chat! Now I’m not sure if they use Flash technology or HTML5, but I’m pretty sure, that Chrome supports it 🙂

I really hope, that Google in time will support app development like Facebook – but with less restrictions! I would just LOVE have adwords back om my Facebook app but that is just not going to happen – ever!

Anyways, if any of you reading this has a spare invite for Google+, PLEASE drop me one 🙂

If you need more information about Google+, you really should visit Google+’s demo site right here

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